Class GRAgraphs


public class GRAgraphs
extends java.awt.Panel
implements java.awt.event.ActionListener, java.awt.event.ItemListener, TMYgraphMaster

Class implementing several graphs and a data selector. There are two subpanels. One of these is a List object that shows all displayable data elements.

The other of these is a panel that shows one of several graphs, plus buttons that page through the various available graphs.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Field Summary
 CWObservable obs
 TMYdata tmystuff
Fields inherited from class java.awt.Component
Constructor Summary
GRAgraphs(java.awt.Color[] colors)
          Creates a panel containing a selection list on the left, plus a panel on the right that shows one of several graphs.
Method Summary
 void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent ae)
          Event handler to handle button presses.
 void addGraph(GRAgraph graph, java.lang.String name)
          Adds a graph to be displayed.
 java.awt.List getFieldList()
 TMYdata getTMY()
 void itemStateChanged(java.awt.event.ItemEvent e)
          Event handler for changes to the list of displayable elements.
 void paint(java.awt.Graphics g)
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Field Detail


public CWObservable obs


public TMYdata tmystuff
Constructor Detail


public GRAgraphs(java.awt.Color[] colors)
Creates a panel containing a selection list on the left, plus a panel on the right that shows one of several graphs.
Method Detail


public TMYdata getTMY()
Specified by:
getTMY in interface TMYgraphMaster


public java.awt.List getFieldList()
Specified by:
getFieldList in interface TMYgraphMaster


public void paint(java.awt.Graphics g)
paint in class java.awt.Container


public void addGraph(GRAgraph graph,
                     java.lang.String name)
Adds a graph to be displayed.


public void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent ae)
Event handler to handle button presses. In this case, the class has 2 buttons, to left or right scroll through the available graphs.
Specified by:
actionPerformed in interface java.awt.event.ActionListener


public void itemStateChanged(java.awt.event.ItemEvent e)
Event handler for changes to the list of displayable elements.
Specified by:
itemStateChanged in interface java.awt.event.ItemListener