Figure Skating

Ice Dancing...Not to be confused with Pair Skating, which has jumps, spins, and overhead lifts, Ice Dancing is more like ballroom dancing on ice. I am a member (and webmaster) of the Austin Figure Skating Club . I have taught figure skating, though I am not currently actively doing this.

Here are some videos of Judy Pearson and me skating.

I sometimes sharpen skates. Here is a Question and Answer sheet about blade sharpening that you may find of interest. Also, here is a JavaScript calculator that will allow you to explore the relationships between blade thickness, radius of hollow, and "bite angle", which is what really matters.

In my travels, I have seldom come across an ice rink that had decent sound. This seems mysterious to me. I have explored this subject a little.

On request, I do computer-based music editing for skating programs. Here is more information on this.

Here's a link to some interesting skating-related merchandise.

Theater Organs

What? Yes, the Theater Pipe Organs that played for the silent films back in the 20's. Follow this link to see more. I own a genuine Wurlitzer Theater Organ, and have designed electronic control systems for it. One of these days, I will link technical documentation of this system here.