Skate Blade Angle Calculator

This page deals with the sharpening geometry of an ice skate blade. The subjective "strength" that a skater feels from a blade is a function of the "bite angle", which is 90 degrees less the angle between the side of the blade and the hollow, AT THE EDGE. This bite angle is a function of the radius of hollow (ROH), the thickness of the blade, and the deviation from the center of the blade of the path of the grinding wheel, as illustrated below.

This calculator allows you to explore this relationship. Enter a value into any field and the other field values will be recalculated when you leave the field.

Blade Thickness (inches).

(changing thickness ordinarily holds ROH constant and recalculates angle. Check this box
to hold bite angle constant and recalculate radius of hollow instead)

Left Edge Bite Angle
Right Edge Bite Angle
Center Line Error
Radius of Hollow

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