Charles G. Wright

Experience / Work History


Developed low-cost, web-based data acquisition system. Wrote the datalogger in Java, server-based code in PHP, and used MySQL as the database engine.

Volunteer work in Austin area Renewable Energy activities. Served on board of Texas Solar Energy Society (including board chair), and on organizing committes for various Austin area renewable energy events events.

Webmaster for Texas Solar Energy Society. Developed on-line database of renewable energy vendors, using PHP and mySQL. See Have also implemented limited site content management using PHP. Developed on-line speaker registration system (PHP/MySQL) for the Texas Renewable Energy Roundup. Developed on-line calendar and news functions for Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) web site.

Developed several interactive JavaScript Calculators for web pages related to renewable energy education. See,, and

Developed Java applet/application for calculation of solar heat gain through windows. See

At present, performing contract work for Motorola Austin, supporting release of a new PowerPC microprocessor core as a System on Chip component.

Until 2000 - Worked part time at IBM as advisor on microprocessor design. Work included support of a PowerPC 750 process remap, debug of various problems, and development of a new I/O timing methodology using the IBM "Einstimer" static timing analysis tool.

1992 - 1996 - IBM, Austin Texas

Lead Engineer, PowerPC "MACH-5" Microprocessor - This chip was a remap of the PowerPC 604e microprocessor, announced as a 350Mhz 604e. I was responsible for the overall technical quality and smooth functioning of the technical aspects of the project.

Previously, sustaining engineering for the PowerPC 604 microprocessor. Worked on supporting the design as it was carried into volume production. This included debug of problems, fixes, and improvement of manufacturing test coverage. Interesting related work included implementation of databases to trackand manage functional test patterns and circuit library development.

Previously, starting with the beginning of the Apple, IBM, and Motorola Somerset design center, I lead the teams that developed the Bus Interface Unit, the Memory Management Unit and the Common Onchip Processor (support processor) for the PowerPC 604 Microprocessor.

Over this interval, I developed numerous CAD tools and utilities to support the design effort.

1989-1991- IBM Austin, Tx.

CAD Tools development. - Was one of the principle architects of a new CAD database. The VLSI Integrated Model (VIM) has been used since as base for several internal IBM Electronic CAD tools, and for subsequent CAD database work.

In this function, I worked with CAD tool developers around IBM to achieve integration onto a common database platform.

1986-1988 - IBM Austin, Tx.

Lead Engineer, processor complex for the IBM RS/6000 processor complex. My job was to oversee development of the 5 chips. This included coordination of CAD tool requirements and facilitating communication between the various design groups, and functioning as a general technical troubleshooter.

Previously - IBM Austin, Tx.

Lead Engineer for the Advanced Processor Card, used in the IBM PC/RT workstation. Worked on the design of the ROMP microprocessor, mostly in I/O bus and storage control areas.


  • Capable as a technical leader. Able to coordinate activities on large projects.
  • Knowledgeable in a variety of Renewable Energy areas, including Passive Solar (including the use of computer-based modeling tools), Solar Water Heating, and Photovoltaics.
  • JavaScript (and HTML) web page design. Also CGI programming using Perl and PHP, including database access.
  • Knowledgeable in VLSI design methodology, including logic representation languages, ECAD databases, logic synthesis, logic and circuit simulation, static timing analysis.
  • Knowledgeable in Computer Architecture, particularly in the I/O and memory subsystems.
  • Experienced in Unix systems, C programming. Also acquainted with Shell programming, Perl, and JavaScript.

Publications / Papers

Simulating Solar Sprint with Spice - American Solar Energy Society, 2000 Conference

Web-based Opportunities for Renewable Energy Education - American Solar Energy Society - 2000 Conference

Patents and Invention Activity

  • Data Processing System with a Plurality of Processors Accessing a Common Bus to Interleaved Storage - 4,669,056, Waldecker et al., 1987
  • Addition of Pre-Last Transfer Acknowledge Signal to Bus Interface to Eliminate Data Bus Turnaround on Consecutive Read and Write Tenures and to Allow Burst Transfers of Unknown Length - 5,640,518 - Muhich et al.,1997
  • Bidirectional Serial Test Bus Device Adapted for Control Processing Unit Using Parallel Information Transfer Bus - 4,878,168, Johnson et al., 1989
  • Initialization Apparatus for a Data Processing System With A Plurality of Input/Output and Storage Controller Connected to a Common Bus - 4,688,172, Wright, 1988
  • Data Processing System with Overlap Bus Cycle Operations - 4,817,037, Hoffman et al., 1989
  • Processor Controlled DMA Controller for Transferring Instruction and Data from Memory to Coprocessor - 5,001,624, Hoffman et al., 1991
  • Apparatus and Method for Generating a Phase-Controlled Clock Signal - 5,557,224, Wright et al., 1996
  • Thresholding Support in Performance Monitoring - 5,727,167
  • Apparatus and Method for Generating a Clock in a Microprocessor - 5,808,494
  • Method and System for Halting Processor Execution in Response to an Enumerated Occurrence of a Selected Combination of Internal States - 5,875,294
  • 5 Other Patents applied for/pending in 1987 - 1995, on Direct Memory Access methods, Logic Simulation Acceleration, and Support Processors.
  • 17 articles in the IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin

Other Experience

Figure Skating

USFSA Gold Dance, 3rd Figure. Won 2001 US Adult National Championships Gold Ice Dance division.


I have designed and built several electronic control systems for pipe organs. The latest of these is a combined keying and combination action, based on distributed Motorola 68332 microcontrollers, one in the console and one in each pipe chamber. Software, written in C and Assembler, periodically scans the states of all console switches, and appropriately controls the on/off state of all pipes and other devices.

The system is implemented as 3 unique printed circuit board designs. A typical organ uses on the order of 50 instances of these designs.


  • BS Engineering Science, Trinity University, 1974
  • Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1975.