Class SOLmonitorPanel


public class SOLmonitorPanel
extends java.awt.Panel
implements java.util.Observer

This class implements a generic monitor panel for a CWmonitorable. It displays in tabular form monthly statistics for a selected subset of the monitorable values in the CWmonitorable.

As it stands, it cannot display values from multiple CWmonitorable objects.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static int AVERAGE
static int CDD
static double cdd_base
static int DAILY_AVERAGE
static int HDD
static double hdd_base
static int TOTAL
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Constructor Summary
SOLmonitorPanel(CWmonitorable element, int[] value_indices, java.lang.String[] headers, java.lang.String[] headers1, java.lang.String[] headers1_ip, double[] divisors, double[] divisors_ip, int[] types, java.lang.String title)
          Create a SOLmonitorPanel object, given a CWonitorable object, an array specifying which data elements from the CWmonitorable should be displayed, and an array of Strings that gives the heading names for the data columns.
Method Summary
 void update()
          Method called to update the monitor display.
 void update(java.util.Observable obs, java.lang.Object parent)
          Implements the Observer interface.
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Field Detail


public static double hdd_base


public static double cdd_base


public static final int TOTAL


public static final int DAILY_AVERAGE


public static final int AVERAGE


public static final int HDD


public static final int CDD
Constructor Detail


public SOLmonitorPanel(CWmonitorable element,
                       int[] value_indices,
                       java.lang.String[] headers,
                       java.lang.String[] headers1,
                       java.lang.String[] headers1_ip,
                       double[] divisors,
                       double[] divisors_ip,
                       int[] types,
                       java.lang.String title)

Create a SOLmonitorPanel object, given

For example: new SOLmonitorPanel(window1, {SOLsurface.DIRECT_RADIATION, SOLSurface.TOTAL_RADIATION}, {"Direct", "Total"}).

Method Detail


public void update(java.util.Observable obs,
                   java.lang.Object parent)
Implements the Observer interface.
Specified by:
update in interface java.util.Observer


public void update()
Method called to update the monitor display. Accesses the surface object associated with this monitor, and calculates totals.