Class CWmonitoredElements


public class CWmonitoredElements
extends java.lang.Object

The purpose of this class is to maintain a list of all information that can be displayed as output. The information can be retrieved from a variety of classes. If a class can supply information for monitoring, it must implement the CWmonitorable interface, meaning that it implements

The class also manages a set of List objects that are used to select monitored information. As monitored elements are added, a string representing that object is added to each registered List.

Field Summary
static java.util.Vector lists
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void addElement(CWmonitorable obj, int fi)
          Add a monitorable element to the list.
static void addElements(CWmonitorable obj)
          Register all of the monitorable elements for a given class.
static void addList(java.awt.List li)
static int indexAt(int i)
static CWmonitorable objectAt(int i)
static int size()
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Field Detail


public static java.util.Vector lists
Constructor Detail


public CWmonitoredElements()
Method Detail


public static void addElements(CWmonitorable obj)
Register all of the monitorable elements for a given class.


public static void addElement(CWmonitorable obj,
                              int fi)
Add a monitorable element to the list.


public static void addList(java.awt.List li)


public static int size()


public static CWmonitorable objectAt(int i)


public static int indexAt(int i)