General Renewable Energy Information

I strongly suspect that humankind is no more than 20 years from some fundamental changes in its energy habits, namely reduced reliance on fossil fuels. I think that these changes will be prompted mainly by supply problems and by climate change resulting from increased atmospheric carbon. So, I'm interested in "renewable" energy sources, such as solar and wind, as well as in energy energy efficient building and conservation.

I have written a reference sheet that explains what (I think) everyone should know about renewable energy.

As I have studied renewables, I have become acutely aware of how much our society takes energy for granted, how little we comprehend how utterly dependent we are on it, and how little most of us understand about the effects of our personal consumption. I have developed and given a workshop that I call "Home Energy Awareness".

The web contains numerous good sites related to these topics. Some good starting points are:

Energy conservation is the easiest renewable energy source to tap. I was intrigued by a device found at Home Depot, called the Power Planner. I have done some tests on this device.